The Sound of McAlmont and Butler

The Sound of McAlmont and Butler, 20 year remaster edition

The joining together of falsetto-voiced David McAlmont and floppy fringed guitar hero Bernard Butler was one made in musical heaven.
The day-to-day reality of it was reputedly closer to hell, though, which would explain the duo’s split following this 1995 album, now given a 20th anniversary makeover.
It was never really an album at all either, being a compilation of the duo’s two singles and their eight b-sides across the dual CD single format hugely popular back then.
Not sounding too promising? Think again. From opening track and debut single Yes onwards, The Sound of… is a musical tour de force, with Butler constructing Spector-esque soundscapes to accompany McAlmont’s hugely powerful voice.
This reissue comes with a plethora of extras, including an CD of demos, and a DVD of live appearances, including Later…With Jools Holland.
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