John Grant, Grey Tickles, Black Pressure

This is an outstanding record.
Former Czars frontman Grant has made nothing but them since going solo at the start of the decade; both 2010 debut Queen of Denmark and 2013 follow-up Pale Green Ghosts are so good that nobody seriously expected him to go one better with his third album, did they?
Yet that’s exactly what he’s done. Grey Tickles… combines Grant’s legendarily caustic lyrics (“You and Hitler ought to get together, you ought to learn to knit and wear matching sweaters”!) with warm, uplifting rock (Global Waming, the title track), Franz Ferdinand-esque disco (You and Him) and sleazy electronic funk (Snug Slacks).
Attempting to pigeonhole him is an exercise in futility, though; Grant’s a master of whatever style he turns his hand to and never forgets to pack a tune. Best just lie back and enjoy a genius at work. One of the albums of the year, undoubtedly.
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By Andrew Greenhalgh


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