Vangoffey, Take Your Jacket Off and Get Into It

Not to be outdone by former bandmate Gaz Coombes – whose excellent debut Matador was released earlier this year and has just made the Mercury Prize shortlist – Vangoffey is the new project of Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey.
While Matador was rooted more in 70s rock and the band’s second album In It For The Money, Take Your Jacket Off and Get Into It continues the tradition established on debut I Should Coco.
Goffey is clearly a man of very catholic taste and romps through pop history like a true magpie. The title track sounds like The Race-era Yello and one is reminded of Ian Dury throughout, while other songs sound like common or garden indie, but Goffey’s singing voice is serviceable enough and the whole thing is a blast from beginning to end.
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By Andrew Greenhalgh


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