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Rod Stewart, Another Country

Rod Stewart’s last album marked a major departure for the legendary Scottish ladies’ man.
After 12 years of seemingly being happy to produce sporadic Great American Songbook albums like Michael Bublé’s grandfather, 2013’s Time contained actual new Stewart-penned music for the first time since a sole track on 1998’s When We Were The New Boys.
Inspired by writing his autobiography, Time was a critical and commercial success, taking him back to number one in the album charts for the first time since 1976’s A Night On The Town.
Another Country, with  eleven of its twelve tracks again co-written by Stewart, carries on where Time left off – but this time the results aren’t quite as successful.
The singer’s sentimental streak has never been so prominent, with some cringeworthy lyrics throughout, and some of the musical ideas aren’t so great either. Love and Be Loved proves that there is a big difference between liking reggae and performing it convincingly, and too many songs simply sound too much like Van Morrison-lite. It’s not an awful album, but it’s way short of being a great one.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh


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