Little Mix, Get Weird

There’s good pop music and there’s bad pop music and there’s something about Get Weird that says Little Mix fall firmly into the latter category.
Maybe it’s because, like virtually all great pop acts, they’re clearly a singles band. Love Me Like You and Black Magic are perfect chart 45s: never outstaying their welcome, easy to sing along with, endlessly replayable.
Maybe it’s because Get Weird isn’t just a collection of 12 identical remakes of the big hits. Predecessors Girls Aloud, also borne of a Simon Cowell TV talent show, proved that there was no need to play it safe when it came to the long players and Little Mix have taken that advice to heart.
Get Weird contains a good few electro-inflected tunes that you’d be hard pushed to credit to an X Factor band (Hair, Grown, Lightning) along with enough straight on pop.
Even that, though, is pleasantly varied: A.D.I.D.A.S. swings along nicely a la Caro Emerald and the B*Witched-like Love Me Like You; Love Me Or Leave Me is a decent Adele ballad, the title track has hints of commanding country and The End is astonishingly good a cappella vocalising.
There is the odd duff track but that’s only to be expected. If it’s on your pre-teen’s Christmas list, proceed without caution.
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By Andrew Greenhalgh


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