Grimes, Art Angels

What IS pop music?

Linguists may tell you that it is short for popular, but surely it can’t be as simple as that. Nobody would class Iron Maiden, Dr Dre or David Gilmour as pop but all have been popular enough to enjoy number one albums during 2015.

Art Angels has been greeted as Canadian Claire Boucher going headlong into pop after 2012’s challenging but critically acclaimed Visions.

The slightly bonkers Art Angels shares influences with a lot of today’s pop – California sounds like an answer to Taylor Swift’s Welcome to New York – but it’s unlikely she’ll be getting played on Radio 2 or appearing on the Graham Norton Show.

It’s fresh and different and you’re never far away from a great tune which, in the end, is as close to a definition of pop as you’re going to get.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh


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