Justin Bieber, Purpose

There’s a lot riding on Purpose for the boy Bieber.

In the three years since third album Believe, he has been in the news for (mainly) all the wrong reasons, shedding his squeaky clean image in the process, and it’s almost certain that far fewer people know Bieber for his music than just for being famous.

Purpose is his attempt to remedy that situation and If there’s nothing on here to match recent number 1 What Do You Mean? that’s not surprising – it’s a brilliant return and as classic a pop single as you’re ever likely to hear.

Love Yourself – co-written by Ed Sheeran – is another cracker to sit alongside Skrillex and Diplo  collaboration Where Are Ü Now, and there are many more where those two came from, but be warned: it’s not all post-modern electro-pop.

After a brilliant start, boyband-ish middle trio Company, No Pressure and No Sense let the quality bar slip somewhat before he gets back on track again.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh


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