One Direction, Made in the AM

You’ve got to feel sorry for One Direction when it comes to the actual business of making records.

Armed with a captive audience who will buy any new product regardless, they are also unlikely to bring in a huge swathe of new fans even if Made in the AM turned out to be the new Dark Side of the Moon.

Stand still, though, and continue to produce replicas of earlier long-players, and they would be slated by critics from Land’s End to Llandudno.

Made in the AM is a different sounding record from its predecessors, with nods to Oasis, Ed Sheeran, Take That and even Michael Bublé, but Coldplay-ish opener Hey Angel is the only song you could mistake for anyone else.

That’s good enough on occasion – singles Drag Me Down and Perfect are classic 1D – but compared to some of the outstanding pop albums we’ve had in 2015, it’s not quite enough anymore.

Like this? Try these: Ed Sheeran, X; Robbie Williams, Swing When You’re Winning

By Andrew Greenhalgh


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